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ARUNACHALA MARGA means 'the Way to the Mountain of Light'. The movement was founded by Father Kumeran. It consists of devotees from different religious backgrounds who feel a connection with the Holy Mountain Arunachala and resonate with the message of Universal Oneness. The primary base of Arunachala Marga is South Africa, however, there are many devotees from across the world who are affiliated with the movement. In Arunachala Marga the spirituality of India and the message of Christ find a beautiful blend which enables the heart to open to the one Light that resides in all things.

ARUNACHALA is a sacred Mountain which stands in the south of India in a town called Thiruvannamalai.  It is believed to be an embodiment of Lord Shiva which manifested at the beginning of time. For thousands of years an uncounted number of seekers have found the Truth they seek at the holy Mountain. With the great Temple of Lord Shiva at the eastern slope, and many other ancient temples around the Mountain, it is one of the highest spaces of spiritual power on earth. No one comes to Arunachala unless He calls! 

FATHER KUMERAN, is a fifth generation Indian born in South Africa. From an early age he showed signs of a profound awareness of Divinity and at the age of 14, after extraordinary experiences of Christ, he dedicated himself fully to the spiritual path. He was ordained as a priest in the Church and served therein for many years. His search for a deeper spirituality led him on many visits to India and in 2011 he visited the sacred Mountain, Arunachala, where he felt a strong connection of the heart and had a life-altering mystical experience. Thereafter, he left the institutional church and South Africa to live a contemplative life at Arunachala. However, after many years of profound experiences at the Holy Mountain, the call to share this Light with the world became clear. He’s mystical experiences of Divinity and particularly his deep connection with Master Jesus and Arunachala-Siva, has made him a clear channel for the transmission of divine grace. Fr. Kumeran is a mystic who proclaims a message of Universal Oneness. As a Shiva-Bhakta (devotee of Lord Shiva) and follower of Lord Jesus, his Sat-Guru (Spiritual Master), he teaches a unique spirituality which is inclusive, expansive and life-transforming.

The primary Message of Fr. Kumeran is there is only One Supreme Reality which manifests in many names and forms and the Mission of Arunachala Marga is to help people awaken to that One Universal Divine Light which resides within each of us.  

The  Story  of  Arunachala

When the universe was still young and the stars were newly born, an infinitely-great and radiantly-bright Pillar of Light shone through the entire universe stretching from one end to the other and beyond...

The Three Great Practices


Love God, in whichever Form or Name s/he comes to you. Love yourself, ... the True-Self. Love your neighbour, which is everyone and everything that is connected to you and sharing the earth with you...

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