ARUNACHALA MARGA means 'the Way to the Mountain of Light'.

This movement is guided by Father Kumeran, a former Christian priest from South Africa, who now lives as a contemplative and mystic in the South of India, at the Holy Mountain, Arunachala. Since time immemorial, the Mountain is believed to be a manifestation of the Supreme Reality called Shiva.

Fr. Kumeran proclaims a message of Universal Oneness. There is only One Supreme Reality which manifests in many names and forms. As a Shiva-Bhakta (devotee of Lord Shiva) and follower of Lord Jesus, his Sat-Guru (Spiritual Master), he teaches a unique spirituality which is inclusive, expansive and life-transforming.

​Arunachala signifies the Immovable space of Truth and Light within each of us. It is the highest place of God Awareness within us. All the great Messengers of Light have come to help us make the journey up that Inner Mountain so that we can experience our Highest Truth. 

The primary mission of FR. KUMERAN and focus of ARUNACHALA MARGA is to help people awaken to that One Universal Divine Light. 

The  Story  of  Arunachala

When the universe was still young and the stars were newly born, an infinitely-great and radiantly-bright Pillar of Light shone through the entire universe stretching from one end to the other and beyond...

The Three Great Practices

Love God, in whichever Form or Name s/he comes to you. Love yourself, ... the True-Self. Love your neighbour, which is everyone and everything that is connected to you and sharing the earth with you...

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